For Immediate Release – Tancredo Responds to Hickenlooper’s Hiding

For Immediate Release: August 1, 2013
Contact: Jimmy Lakey –

Hickenlooper’s Hiding From Colorado’s Families . Has Anyone Looked In his Shower?

"John Hickenlooper is asking all Colorado’s Families to follow him out of the plane without a parachute. You first, John."

(Denver, CO) – Today, candidate for Governor Tom Tancredo responded to John Hickenlooper’s hiding behind his tax-payer funded spokesperson in order to avoid debating his proposed billion dollar tax-hike on Colorado families.
Tancredo commented, "John Hickenlooper needs to explain to the families and businesses of Colorado why he is supporting a massive and unneeded new tax increase. It’s only fair that he explain this to them face-to-face and debate the issue around this State, so they can make up their own minds."
Tancredo’s response comes after Hickenlooper’s taxpayer funded
Communications Director passed on to the Associated Press the Governors refusal to debate the education tax issue.

Tancredo continued, "It’s ironic that John Hickenlooper would refer to this debate challenge as ‘political theater’. It seems clear that Hickenlooper played the part of a mild-mannered moderate in order to be elected Governor, only to reveal his very liberal tendencies once elected."

In reference to Hickenlooper’s use of ‘political theater’ in support of a previous tax increase, Tancredo continued, "I once again challenge
Hickenlooper to join me in debating this massively important issue around the State. He may enjoy jumping out of airplanes when he has a nice safe parachute, but now he’s asking us to follow without one. You first, John."
The Tancredo debate challenge stands and the Tancredo campaign continues to wait on word from Hickenlooper’s office regarding the date & location for this public debate and discussion.

Hear the audio of the original debate challenge at <file://localhost/tomtancredo>

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