Tancredo says Hickenlooper &#145should be ashamed’ for Supporting a Billion Dollar Tax Increase on Coloradans.

(Complete Press Release for July 11, 2013)

Hickenlooper wants a tax increase. Tancredo wants to lead Colorado back to days of prosperity.

(DENVER) – Yesterday, while speaking at a breakfast meeting, Governor John Hickenlooper once again displayed his weak & &#145out of touch’ leadership by quietly announcing his support of a billion dollar tax increase (Initiative 22) on the people of Colorado.
Even after whispering his support for the tax increase, it took further prodding by a television reporter to confirm Hickenlooper’s support, and even that confirmation was only issued via text message.

“Why the secrecy? If you are doing the right thing for the people of Colorado, why not call a press conference?” asked gubernatorial candidate Tom Tancredo. “Why not invite the cameras? Why not issue an official statement? If you are doing the right thing, the shroud of secrecy isn’t necessary!”

Recent jobs numbers show that Colorado has an unemployment rate that continues to hover near 7%, the private sector lost 5000 more jobs, and 9000 more workers joined the ranks of the unemployed.

“With an economy that continues to sputter, it is amazing that he would support this tax increase,” Tancredo said. “It is really no wonder that he whispered his support. He’s acting ashamed and I guess that is appropriate. He should be ashamed of wanting to burden the people of Colorado with yet another government dig into their pocketbooks.”

“This Governor has now raised utility rates for those in rural Colorado, he’s followed marching orders from Michael Bloomberg to take away gun rights, and now he wants the big hand of government to take away an even higher percentage of your income,” Tancredo continued. “He ran for office as a moderate. This might be the biggest bait & switch in the history of Colorado politics.”

Tancredo added,”I can assure you that Governor Tancredo will not need to hide behind a shroud of secrecy. When you’re standing on the right principles, you don’t have to whisper! John Hickenlooper continues to take us down the wrong path. We must bring government back under control and lead Colorado back to days of economic prosperity. Raising taxes is not the way.”

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