Letter sent to Denver Post on June 30 at 9;50 pm

Letter to the Editor

Ok. So Scott Gessler may be an opponent of mine in the upcoming Republican primary. I hope I win. But regardless, I can’t just overlook the Post’s biased news coverage which is on full display in the vastly different
treatment given to Republican Scott and President Obama’s newest high-level appointee from Colorado, Democrat Ron Binz.

At least eleven times since he took office as Secretary of State in January of 2011,

the Post’s editorial writers have chosen to vilify

Scott, who has one of the most thankless jobs in government. And it would be fair to say the paper’s reporters have been

quick to give maximum coverage to the controversies created by his vocal and

resourceful critics at the left-liberal Colorado Ethics Watch. Yet, when former Colorado PUC Chairman Ron Binz was reported to be the leading
candidate to head the most powerful energy regulatory body in the nation, the Federal Energy Regulatory

Commission, the Post was strangely silent about Binz’s well-documented
history of

ethical lapses.

The Post’s silence is especially hypocritical considering that the lapses in judgment during

his tenure at the PUC were far more substantive and consequential than the minor allegations against Gessler. Binz’s conflict-of-interest behavior directly impacted the pocketbooks of

millions of Coloradans as utility rate-payers.

Why was the Post’s Washington Bureau so curiously incurious about the

appointment to a powerful federal regulatory agency which has enormous

influence over the state’s energy economy? Why did none of the Post’s
business reporters find

time to enlighten the Post’s readers on the matter?

It was small comfort that a Post opinion columnist, Vince Carroll, sounded an

alarm about the appointment. But anyone who contrasts that one lone opinion column

to the drum beat of negative coverage afforded Scott Gessler will conclude that the Post’s

priorities are oddly out of whack. My own experiences with the Post are added fodder for charges of advocacy journalism versus unbiased reporting of the news.

I know it may be strange for a candidate to go out on a limb for a
potential opponent but damn, somebody has to”blow the whistle” on the
hypocrisy of the left leaning media. Maybe my doing so under these
circumstance will help.

Tom Tancredo

Candidate for Governor


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