The irony (and hypocrisy) is mind boggling. Obama is pleading with private companies to fix the government created web site for a program designed to destroy the private insurance market.


Indianapolis crowd giving Payton Manning a standing O. Classy

Our church packs thousands of Christmas packages for deployed service people every year. My wife collects letters from kids to add to pkg. Thought this one worth sharing. Precious

Just like us!?!?

Gov Hickenlooper’s estranged wife Helen, wrote a "book," now made into a "play." I use quotes to indicate it is really a piece of campaign propaganda. Listen to a 30 sec clip from CO Public Radio. The show’s host is very liberal yet even he questions her motives. See what this campaign will be like!

In that segment, it is claimed that I wiped a tear from my eye as I talked about the American Flag in a speech that I gave several years ago. Although I have been moved to tears by my own speeches in the past, in this case I was just wiping sweat from my eye. Stage lights can really get hot!